Special Assessments Against Real Estate Property

A Special Assessment is the charge assessed against Real Estate parcels for certain public services or projects. 
The Assessment may only be levied against parcels that have received a direct benefit from the public service or project. 

The most common special assessment charges include:

  • Water Lines
  • Sewer Lines
  • Street Paving
  • Street Lighting
  • Delinquent Water
  • Delinquent Sewer

 However, special assessments may also be levied for the following examples:

  • Building Demolition
  • Property Cleanup
  • Mowing
  • parking structures


A Special Assessment must be Certified to the Wayne County Auditor by the first Monday in September for the purpose of being included on the Real Estate tax bills for the next tax year. The Auditor then has the designated assessment amount assigned to the parcels as indicated by the Entity which submits the certification.

Assessments may be billed in one lump sum on the first or second half billing cycle, or it may be broken between the two cycles in the same tax year. For especially large assessments the certifying entity may specify the dollar amount to be billed annually over a period of years.

View the list of Special Assessment Certifications (The certifications are in PDF format.)

If you have questions regarding these Special Assessments please call the Wayne County Auditor's Office at: 330.287.5430

Uncertified Special Assessments. View a report of charges that have been billed to parcels for Balances Due for Utility Services. For additional information please call Wooster City Services at: 330.263.5217.

Wooster City Uncertified Special Assessments

The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) has completed an update to its land parcel information system (Subsequent Appraisal Record) as required by law. Legal notices were published January 28, 2011 in the daily newspapers across the MWCD region.

If your parcel number was listed, and you have questions, you may contract the Wayne County Clerk of Courts office where a copy of the Subsequent Appraisal Record has been placed on file. Or you may contact the MWCD office toll-free at 866-755-6923.

Muskingum Watershed - Updated appraisal record